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Matt Johnson

Hi! I am primarily a .Net/C# developer, and I also do a lot of work in JavaScript.

I work at Microsoft in Redmond, Washington, where I get to work on all kinds of cool stuff. I'm on the patterns & practices team in Azure, but I also help out company-wide with datetime and time zone issues.

Before that, I worked for Time America in Scottsdale, Arizona, where I wrote employee time and attendance software.

The information and opinions expressed on this blog are entirely my own, and not necessarily those of my current or prior employers.

I specialize in date and time issues, especially the tricky ones involving time zones.

I am the author of the Pluralsight course: Date and Time Fundamentals.

You can hear me geek out about date and time on both .NET Rocks (show #1230) and Hanselminutes (show #485).

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I often read and respond to questions with the following tags on StackOverflow:

I have written some cool open-source stuff that I keep on GitHub.

In addition to this blog (codeofmatt.com), You can follow me on Twitter @mj1856, or come to one of my presentations.