Happy New LEAP Year!

If you haven't realized it yet, 2016 is a leap year. For most people, this may just be an interesting oddity. An extra day to work »

.NET Rocks!

"Well, Richard..."           "Yeah Buddy," "Guess what time it is?"           "... I ... Don't ... Know !!!" "It's time to... uh. »


I was recently interviewed by Scott Hanselman for his Hanselminutes podcast. If you're interested in time, especially with .NET, I hope you will listen! Check it »

Beware the Edge (cases) of Time!

Ahh, time zones. There are so many wonderful traps to fall into. Consider this bit of code, from a recent blog post by Rick Strahl: /// < »

Working with Date and Time in RavenDB

The following is an article I wrote for the knowledge base on the RavenDB web site back in August of 2013. Recently, the site was revamped »

Localized time zone names in .NET

If you've ever used the TimeZoneInfo class in the .NET framework, you probably know that it has properties intended for display of a time zone to »

Working with Time Zone Names in .Net

UPDATE: I've made a library to do this work for you. Read Localized time zone names in .NET. If you've ever used the TimeZoneInfo object in »

Desert Code Camp 2013.2

I'll be speaking at Desert Code Camp on Saturday, November 9th, in Chandler, Arizona.  I'm doing an insane 5 session marathon.  If you live in the »

The case against DateTime.Now

One of the first things most .Net developers learn to do with DateTime is to get the current value from the system clock. DateTime now = DateTime. »