Russia 2014 Time Zone Changes

September 23, 2014


Are you prepared for Russia’s major time zone changes? If you are either in Russia yourself, or interact with Russian customers or users, you will need to ensure your time zone data has been updated before the changes go into effect on October 26th, 2014. If you are scheduling future events in Russian time zones, […]

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Pluralsight – Date and Time Fundamentals

September 13, 2014


I’m happy to announce that the video course I’ve been working on for Pluralsight, “Date and Time Fundamentals” has finally been released! Here’s one of my favorite slides: But seriously – There’s a lot of great material in here. Have you ever needed to know how to calculate someone’s age? Or wondered how to work […]

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Seattle Code Camp

September 10, 2014


I’ll be speaking this Saturday at Seattle Code Camp about several issues that time zones can create in your applications.  If you are near the Puget Sound area, please come out and see my talk, and many other interesting sessions! Be sure to register ahead of time.  Admission is not free, but $15 isn’t much to […]

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June 18, 2014


I’m not going to dive into a history lesson here.  This is about practical, usable information in today’s modern world.  You can always go read more about GMT and UTC on Wikipedia. What is the difference between UTC and GMT? Essentially, nothing. Really?  There is no difference? Technically, UTC is defined precisely (based on TAI […]

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Egypt goes back to Daylight Saving Time

May 15, 2014


With only a week’s notice, the government of Egypt has decided to go back to daylight saving time – effective today.  That’s right, it was casually announced on May 7th, and went into place at Midnight on May 15th.  That is, at 24:00 May 15th, which most folks would recognize as 00:00 on May 16th.  Of […]

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Extending RavenDB with Bundles, Plugins, and Listeners

May 7, 2014


Last April, I presented at RavenConf in Durham, North Carolina. Here is the second of my two presentations:

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Mastering Date and Time Data in RavenDB

May 6, 2014


Last April, I presented at RavenConf in Durham, North Carolina. Here is the first of my two presentations:

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