Hi! I'm Matt Johnson-Pint (né Matt Johnson).  I am a software engineer who specializes in issues related to date, time, and time zones.  I mostly code in C#, but you will sometimes find me dabbling in JavaScript and other languages.

Disclaimer: The information and opinions expressed on this blog are entirely my own, and not necessarily those of my current or prior employers.

I love answering questions on StackOverflow, especially those on time and time zones.

Some more cool things I've done:

  • I contributed to the creation of the `DateOnly` and `TimeOnly` core data types in. NET, as well as many other internals of how time zones work.
  • I have written some open-source libraries and other projects that I keep on GitHub.
  • I am the author of the Pluralsight course, Date and Time Fundamentals
  • I've been on some podcasts, where you can hear me geek out about date and time:
  • NET Rocks (show #1230)
  • Hanselminutes (show #485).
  • I've given presented at various conferences. Some of them were recorded, and I keep a playlist on YouTube here

If you wish to reach out to me directly, the best way is via Twitter @mattjohnsonpint.  Feel free to send me a DM there.  If you're not into Twitter, you can email me at mattjohnsonpint at gmail dot com.