What I've been up to

Ok, so I know over a year has gone by, and I haven't posted squat.  Finding time for in-depth blog posts has not been working out so well for me.  So instead, I think I'll just start posting short bits of raw info as things come up.  Hopefully you will find some bits useful.

A while back I wrote two really great add-ons to RavenDB:

I've also been moderating the Raven.Contrib repository, and answering lots of RavenDB, DateTime and TimeZone questions on StackOverflow.

Last Saturday I presented two sessions at Desert Code Camp:

Date and Time Fundamentals
  • Overview of what dates and times are all about - it's harder than you might think.
  • Covered nuances of timezones, daylight savings, calendars, etc.
  • Deep dive into .Net and JavaScript date and time classes
  • Touched on NodaTime and Moment.js
  • Talked really fast and ran out of time.  I think I need to edit.
  • Slides on SlideShare here.  Code and powerpoint here.
  • I'm repeating this presentation on Wednesday 4/24 at the Northwest Valley Dot Net Users Group
RavenDB 2.0 - Painless NoSQL for the .Net Developer
  • Covered the basics of what RavenDB is and how to use it
  • Spent quite a bit of time talking about eventual consistency.  Need to find a way to make the concept clearer.
  • Covered some map/reduce scenarios, which I think went pretty well.
  • Showed off spatial data using Simon Bartlet's RavenBurgerCo sample, which was very well received.
  • I'll post code and slides soon.  A few minor edits to make first.

On top of all of that, I'm working on a brand new Time and Attendance application in my day job at Time America.  Interested in joining me?  I'm hiring.