RavenConf 2014

I've been invited to speak at RavenConf, the first of it's kind, 2-day conference on RavenDB!

Come join me, April 7th and 8th 2014 in Durham, North Carolina (near Raleigh).  I'll be speaking about handling Date and Time issues in RavenDB, as well as how to extend RavenDB using Bundles, Plugins and Listeners.

This conference will be bringing together many of the RavenDB contributors and discussion group members from all over the world!  Come see Oren Eini (aka "Ayende Rahien"), author of RavenDB, present RavenDB 3.0, featuring the new Voron storage engine!

And if you're not quite up to speed on RavenDB, this would be a great time to attend an in-depth workshop.  There is a three day workshop following the conference, April 9th-11th.

All the details are at conference.ravendb.net.