Russia 2014 Time Zone Changes

Are you prepared for Russia's major time zone changes?

If you are either in Russia yourself, or interact with Russian customers or users, you will need to ensure your time zone data has been updated before the changes go into effect on October 26th, 2014.  If you are scheduling future events in Russian time zones, you may need the updates even sooner.

For Windows, an update has been release by Microsoft today, as described in KB2998527.  This update is also important for .NET developers that use the TimeZoneInfo class to work with Russian time zones.

For those using IANA time zones you'll find that the Russian 2014 changes were released in 2014f.  Please ensure you are using the most current version available.  Here are links to some of the third-party implementations:

If you are using Joda-Time, see the documentation for instructions of how to update by recompiling.