Windows Registry Patch for Egypt 2016 Cancellation of DST

As you may know if you follow my blog, I previously wrote about the recent time zone chaos in Egypt. In this post I'd like to »

Time Zone Chaos Inevitable in Egypt

I would like to give everyone a heads up about the situation in Egypt. There is likely to be some confusion over the next week or »

On the Timing of Time Zone Changes

What do Turkey, Chile, Russia, Venezuela, Azerbaijan, North Korea and Haiti all have in common? Time Zone Chaos! No, that's not the punchline to a joke. »

.NET Rocks!

"Well, Richard..."           "Yeah Buddy," "Guess what time it is?"           "... I ... Don't ... Know !!!" "It's time to... uh. »

Beware the Edge (cases) of Time!

Ahh, time zones. There are so many wonderful traps to fall into. Consider this bit of code, from a recent blog post by Rick Strahl: /// < »

What is a Time Zone?

Almost any time you call up a friend, relative, or business associate in another part of the world, you'll realize that your time isn't always the »

Working with Date and Time in RavenDB

The following is an article I wrote for the knowledge base on the RavenDB web site back in August of 2013. Recently, the site was revamped »

Localized time zone names in .NET

If you've ever used the TimeZoneInfo class in the .NET framework, you probably know that it has properties intended for display of a time zone to »

Russia 2014 Time Zone Changes

Are you prepared for Russia's major time zone changes? If you are either in Russia yourself, or interact with Russian customers or users, you will need »

Pluralsight - Date and Time Fundamentals

I'm happy to announce that the video course I've been working on for Pluralsight, "Date and Time Fundamentals" has finally been released! Here's one of my »

Seattle Code Camp

I'll be speaking this Saturday at Seattle Code Camp about several issues that time zones can create in your applications.  If you are near the Puget »


I'm not going to dive into a history lesson here.  This is about practical, usable information in today's modern world.  You can always go read more »

Egypt goes back to Daylight Saving Time

With only a week's notice, the government of Egypt has decided to go back to daylight saving time - effective today.  That's right, it was casually »

Time Zone Abbreviations

What does the abbreviation EST mean? I'm sure you've seen that before. If you live in the United States, you might recognize it as "Eastern Standard »

Handling Birthdays, and Other Anniversaries

How old are you? Simple question, yes? Perhaps. But the answer could change depending on the granularity of the question, and on your perspective. To answer »

Working with Time Zone Names in .Net

UPDATE: I've made a library to do this work for you. Read Localized time zone names in .NET. If you've ever used the TimeZoneInfo object in »

Windows Azure Scheduler

Microsoft announced today a new managed service for Windows Azure:  The Windows Azure Scheduler.  This is basically an enterprise job scheduler, such as, but »

JavaScript Date type is horribly broken

JavaScript dates have always been a bit funny. As a .Net developer, there was a bit of a mind-shift for me, because they are inherently different »